On Sunday, during the inauguration of Pravsasi Bharatiya Divas the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi said that the Government of India has already extended the deadline so that people can apply for the conversion of the Person of Indian Origin (PIC) to OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) cards till June 30th without any penalty.

Starting with Mauritius, they are working to put in place various methods so that descendants of Girmitiyas can be qualified for the OCI card. Government endures committed to addressing the same difficulties in Fiji of PIOs, Suriname, Guyana, Reunion Islands and other Caribbean places.

Beginning from the cities of Delhi and Bengaluru, from this new year the government have already set up different counters at various points of immigration for the OCI cardholders. They are trying to make it as a special symbol of aspiration of the diaspora, global migration and achievements.

Outstanding contribution is given by both the NRIs and PIOs for whatever files they have chosen. Those people are the actual role models for the immigrants from various backgrounds and different nations. Indian values and cultures are being spread by these people and also carried by them wherever they travel. The contribution of Indian diaspora is the top most to the progress in the country.


It is noticed that more than 30 million Indians are living in abroad. Those people are not only respected for the numbers, but also for what they contribute to the society they are living in.

Narendra Modi also said – “When people spoke of brain drain, it was believed that the brighter people went abroad seeking employment opportunities, but I was asking people that whoever are left behind in India, are they dumb? It is our endeavor to convert that brain drain into brain gain.”

It is reported that this is the 3rd time the change of PIO to OCI cards date has been stretched after March 31th 2016. PIO card was primarily implemented in the year 2002 as an advantage to foreign nationals so that they can at least establish a 3rd generation tie to the Indian origin. Initially, the PIO card was available for residing in India for 15 years to travel and work.

On the other hand, OCI card was implemented in the year 2005, which has more number of benefits when compared to the other PIO card and holders can use OCI card lifelong.

The count of unemployment among the Indian youth is very high. To overcome this, Mr. Modi asked the government to introduce special development program called Pravsasi Kaushal Vikas Yojna.